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HS Rules Interpreter
HS Rules Interpreter: Responsibilities and General Rules (Part 1) Non-Member Price: $20.00
Member Price: $15.00
Members Save $5.00

Covers responsibilities of an interpreter along with the basic information to understand the rules including talking about definitions, general rules, apparel and prop guideline and review of specifics for the different responsibilities of athletes in cheering:  top, base and spot.

HS Rules Interpreter: Inversions (Part 2) N/A  

Covers rules for all skills involving inversions.  This includes stunts, dismounts and pyramid visuals where a top(s) are inverted at some point in the skill.

HS Rules Interpreter: Release/Non-release Stunts and Pyramids (Part 3) N/A  

Covers Release and Non-Release stunts and pyramids.  This includes stunts that release to new bases or move to new bases and also pyramids where top(s) may release from bases or not when executing different visual/skills. 

HS Rules Interpreter: Dismounts and Tumbling (Part 4) N/A  

Covers dismounts from skills, suspended skills and rules for jumps and tumbling skills.  Also has information on how to check on rules updates and interpretations.

High School Rules Interpreter Certification N/A  

This provided your final certificate. Once all 5 parts are completed, select this option and you will receive your High School Rules Interpreter Certification.

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